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Background Checks

All new co-op members will be required to fill out and pay for a background check at registration. Returning members will be required to pay for a new background check every two years.


All communication within the group will be done through E-mail, our Banner Website, Remind App. and Facebook. Facebook is optional.

• We ask that all members bookmark Banner’s website . We post co-op announcements, schedule field trips, sign up for electives, etc. It is the hub for all hsg/co-op info. You will receive an email informing you after registration that you have been added to our Banner Websitee.

• “Remind” app. allows us to send a mass text: Banner will send you a text as we add you to the “Remind” app. This will be utilized for communication in our co-op lockdown drills as well as sending last minute information for certain activities for the co-op/homeschool group.

• Facebook. We post duplicate emailed info on Facebook for your convenience. You can search for our group, Banner of Love Christian Homeschool Group and send a friend request. Only Banner members are added to our Facebook page. Please be patient as we process your application after kick-off to verify you have registered before adding you.

Visitors to co-op

You must email Karen McCabe ahead of time to let her know you are bringing a visitor. Please email their first and last name.

Sick Day

•Do not bring children to co-op or any other activity who have shown any symptoms of illness in the last 24 hours: Fever, vomiting, diarrhea, green runny nose. If you know for sure it is just allergies, that is fine to come.

•If you are unable to attend co-op because you or one of your children is sick, but you would still like your healthy children to be able to attend co-op:

1. Your spouse may bring your healthy children but must remain in the co-op class you serve in. You would need to email Karen McCabe your spouse’s first and last name ahead of time and would need to enter through the south door and get a visitor badge.
2. You may send your children to co-op with an adult co-op member besides yourself or your spouse, who will be at co-op and who is willing to be responsible for your children.

•Please contact Karen McCabe and inform her that you will not be coming to co-op and let her know if you will be sending your healthy children with someone else.
•Please stay home if there is any possibility that your family may all be sick within the next few days.


Co-op: Please contact Karen McCabe as soon as possible so we can make sure your class is covered.

  • We consider an excused absence to be sick children, an emergency, a death in the family, an appointment made BEFORE you were aware of the co-op dates.
  • No call, no show will be considered unexcused. 2 unexcused absences could result in dropping you from the homeschool group and/or co-op.

Field Trips and Electives: It is your responsibility to contact the person in charge and let them know you will be absent. Unexcused absences and no shows could result in dropping you from these activities.


Alcohol is not permitted at any and all Banner activities such as Mom’s Night Out, Dad’s Night Out, Couple’s Night Out etc.

Snow Day

In the event of cancellation of co-op or any activities due to snow or an emergency you will be informed through our website, our Banner Facebook Page, email and/or text.