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Moms Helping Moms

Have you read everything on the website and feel a bit overwhelmed with all that’s available much less homeschooling your children?

Moms Helping Moms will be where you just might find the sanity you lost. You need support! You need to laugh, you need to cry and most of all you need prayer!

Moms Helping Moms (MHM) will try and provide various meetings throughout the year where you can get together with other homeschool moms and discuss things like curriculum, behavior, marriage, time management, etc.

Don’t worry mom, you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength! You will be welcomed, loved and prayed for!

Moms Night Out (MNO) – Do you need time away from the kids just to be with other moms and eat an uninterrupted meal? What is that, warm food you say…yes AND adult conversation! Also planned after dinner may be going to a movie, bowling, etc. You will be emailed info on these monthly gatherings once you join the homeschool group.

Dads Night Out – DNO is designed much as MNO. It’s a great way to meet with other homeschooling dads in a relaxed and child free setting. Come and fellowship with other dad’s on a similar journey as you. Sometimes only another homeschooling dad can really understand all the challenges you and your family face as well as share in the victories the Lord gives. 

Couples Night Out (CNO) – Same as above but you get to bring your honey!

*Once you become a Banner Member you will be informed by the leader of times and meeting places.