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Hello Banner Family,

Give us just one minute to tell you about one of our new sponsors.  

What would happen if you and/or your home-schooled student knew God’s calling, were trained for it, and had the support base to help you make it happen? Think of the possibilities.

Welcome to our new sponsor Cross Christian Fellowship Bible College. Take a minute now to view the video below. (NOTE: clicking on the video when it plays the first time takes you directly to CCF Bible College, if you are watching it the second time around click on the Cross Logo to go to the CCF Bible College website)

If you are just beginning, they create a path for you from knowing your calling to leading in ministry.  If you’re in ministry now they will advance your ministry to a much higher level than you could imagine.  In either case they will help you be competent and qualified.

They are a unique online Bible College.  No traditional tests, book reports or papers to write.  You will have rapid and intense learning where you will receive three years of Seminary level studies in just two years.  However, you can go at your own pace.

Similar programs would cost you between $18,000 to $30,000 a year.  However, you can take individual classes for $150 or take the two-year program for $99 or less a month.  

Can You Imagine . . .
Having a much deeper knowledge and walk with God that you have always wanted
Learning on your own is slow and difficult but CCF College makes it fast and simple
Knowing how to achieve life and ministry goals
Having 30 years’ of discipleship experience dedicated to your personal growth
Completing what God has called you to do in family, business and ministry life
Losing the fear that you will not be able to answer questions about your faith
Gaining certainty in your life’s calling and purpose
Being able to stand firm on solid Biblical doctrine
Traveling the fastest route to success with the least amount of failure
Losing the fear of feeling ill equipped and uncertain in service

Here’s the best part.  If you enroll in a class or program at the online college part of your tuition supports this ministry.  There is no added cost to you.  You learn the Bible and we continue to minister in the Kingdom of God.

Click here for more information.

Thank you for taking time to look.